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The award winning Soaktanks by Striptank Pty Ltd
is Australian owned and has been operating
successfully locally and abroad since 2000. 

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Soak Tanks for Restaurants, Cafes, Bakeries & Other Kitchens 

Whether you’re running a restaurant in Melbourne, a café in Sydney, a bakery in Brisbane or a kitchen anywhere throughout Australia, we can provide you with the right soak tanks to keep your cooking equipment completely free of carbon build-up due to a lingering layer of grease and/or fat. All of our products are expertly designed and manufactured to deliver exceptional results time and again, and you’ll drastically reduce the amount of time your staff spend scrubbing the stubborn grime away.


There are a multitude of benefits:

  • An increase in your staff’s productivity
  • You’ll save space
  • Drastically improve the lifespan of your cooking equipment
  • It’s very cost-efficient
  • Our detergent is non-hazardous
  • We provide service 24/7
  • There’s no minimum time period for contracts
  • Automated tank 


Also, why not take advantage of our offer to try out our systems before you get on board with us?


We know how well they work, and are confident you’ll see the benefits for yourself first-hand and decide to utilise them on an on-going basis.

Come to the tank suppliers with the most experience

While there are a few choices out there in terms of soak tank rentals & sales, few (if any) have the huge amount of experience we do. Since we opened our doors back in 2000, we have supplied a countless number of customers with nothing but the best in quality, both in terms of the systems themselves as well as service.


Over the years, we’ve built up a solid reputation as the leading suppliers of soak tanks for all types of business types including cafes, restaurants, bakeries and much more. We offer a fully customisable solution that fits your individual requirements, so call us to discuss what you’re after today.


Call 0412 887 101 for further information.